Last season with the first for Rugby Knowledge and a very successful first season it was.

Barring a little experiment with the Super Rugby competition, which over a few weeks resulted in a loss, results for the Premiership, European Competition and Six Nations were excellent.

You can browse through the weekly bets and results from last season as your on leisure within the results section of the dashboard.

Here is a summary of the results.  –

Win and Loss Ratio for all games advised.

Competition: WON LOST Total WON %
Premiership 43 34 77 56%
Europe 23 13 36 64%
Six Nations 7 7 14 50%
Super Rugby 1 6 7 14%
Total 74 60 134 55%

Profit and Loss Figures for all Advised Bets:

Competition P&L
Premiership        16.76 Profit
Europe        42.11 Profit
Six Nations        14.82 Profit
Super Rugby –     15.09 Loss
Total        58.60 Profit

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