Dear All,

We sent the email below to all members, but we’ve still had a few comments on the posts, so if you haven’t received the email, please check junk folders etc and read the message below. – Thanks for your patience, plenty more bets to come over the next month or so.

Just to let you know with regard advised bets for the tournament.

A nice start currently with the Russia and Australia results. It’s a long tournament so bets won’t be advised for every day of the Rugby.

Our Rugby Expert will be analysing all the matches to and then assess if he thinks a bet is strong based on the handicap offered by bookmakers.

As the tournament goes on, we may well see a slight increase in bets as he gets a full picture of the current form, strengths and weaknesses of each team.

We would suggest that you check the members pages each evening, just in case for whatever reason the email sent doesn’t get to you, but we can assure you that the website will be updated and an email will be sent the evening before each bet is advised, so you shouldn’t miss anything.

The initial email will be sent from which is the address we have sent this email to, and we’ll also follow that up with an email from this address “Wider Horizens” so you have 2 emails and are likely to receive at least one of them.

As ever any questions we’re happy to answer and we’d suggest you email us directly here or as some of you have been put a question onto the recent posts on the members website –

Here’s to what has already been a compelling tournament with so much fantastic rugby to come…

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